About – Callidora
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☆☆ Callidora originated as a Greek name meaning "The Gift of Beauty" ☆☆

In 2016, while living in New York City, I started to design jewelry because I couldn't find the delicate small pieces that were both feminine and affordable that I wanted to wear everyday. I started my online jewelry shop right after giving birth to my first son as a way to spend more time at home with him and share my passion for beautiful, delicate jewelry.

My line for Callidora features simple and delicate pieces. I love using opals, Cubic Zirconia Diamonds and tiny enamel beads to create a bit of sparkle and femininity in all my items. I aim to create a high end jewelry style for a reasonable price. My line has the look of a luxury style but for prices that are easy to afford.

I'm so excited to introduce my line on Etsy and to share my passion for creating and designing delicate, dainty jewelry pieces.
You can find us on instagram here.